be real...for joy!
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Hello, dear visitor, I've been waiting for you! Welcome to my home!

My name is Catherine Renee’ Bereal.

I am calling it 'home' because this is what my studio represents for me. Everything I create, I am doing with love. It comes from the inspiration and the desire to offer people a little piece of me, of my energy, my strength, my passion. All that I do represents my love and how much I enjoy sharing with others, especially you!
You want to find out more things about me and what I do?
Well ... I love design, sewing and helping others to create the perfect environment for themselves. I say a happy heart is a healthy heart and our homes need to be our haven. I live in a beautiful small Dutch farming community near the U.S/Canadian border right between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. I am schooled in interior design and hold a business degree. I was trained in commercial production sewing making doll fashions for the porcelain doll industry. For years traveling to doll shows along the West Coast to support my daughter and myself. This journey has helped me discover who I really am and to create things for other people to enjoy and share.
In my 'home' you will definitely find a thing or more that will catch your attention. My work is original, handmade and very diverse. I create things for all ages: a child, a mother, a grandfather, a business person, my creations have the capacity to hold your attention and I assure you there will be at least one thing that will interact with you. Here you will find great things, from linens, lace curtains, custom bedding and window treatments, to doll dresses and pillowcases for your child. Amazing gifts for friends, family and home!
I told you there will be something here for you too, didn’t I ?!
Specializing in quality professional sewing on commercial machines. I have 7 specialized sewing machines including a shirring serger, straight stitch, ruffle machine, 1940’s industrial buttonholer, oh I love the old clicking sound this makes when I sew! and much more. Everything I create is using my ideas, inspiration, passions and the help of these machines. I love to sew and you can observe that in everything I do!
Thank you for stopping in to share my story and I hope you will find here the thing you want and need. For further information don’t hesitate to contact me, I will gladly help you with any question or desire.
Be creative and don’t forget to smile, from my heart to yours:

“Be real… for joy!”